Funerals are a hard part of life. If there was anyone I would want with my family and I it would be Gardenview Funeral Home. They were wonderful. This is where you need to go if you want a local funeral home focused on your family. I highly recommend working with Gardenview Funeral Home when the need arises. They are family focused, caring, professional and worth every dime. The owner is always there to help and the staff is amazing. | Marquita Finley

highly recommend the Gardenview Funeral Chapel as I have attended two services hosted buy them. Exceptional and professional service in offering comfort to the bereaved family. If there is ever a need for you to seek funeral services and want to be treated like family during a difficult time give the Gardenview Funeral Home a call. They truly care and takes pride in their work. | Cynthia Woods

A very special Thank you to the Staff of The Gardenview Funeral Chapel. My Father James Stephens and other family members were very pleased with the outstanding services you all rendered. Thank you so much. – The Granddaughter of Fannie Bell Neely Stephens ( Tamera Stephens) | Tamera Stephens